Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wednesday, January 28

Breakfast disaster

I really like eating yogurt. And if I remember, I put some serial or granola on the top, to add some crunch to it. So, smart me, decided that instead of adding milk to my bowl of serial, I can add yogurt! How tasty that should be! Not! At all!

It might look ok, but believe me, it's not! The yogurt combined with sweet flakes taste too sour for some reason, the flakes don't soften enough and scrape your throat.
Not good. Not! So, don't try it at home!

Well, that it not all. Nor very satisfied from the first tablespoons, I've decided to scoop out the yogurt and add good old fashioned milk to my serial. Well, one needs to taste milk before adding it anywhere! It was sour! Of course!

I was so upset, and so late for school that I even thought that I would have to leave without breakfast this time, but I couldn't I just couldn't!

Toast with cream cheese and salami to the rescue!

Happy at last!

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