Friday, January 23, 2009

For the first time in a very long time I wasn't hungry when I woke up. Maybe it's lack of sleep (played poker till 1am last night) or maybe tons of popcorn and bite of mcdonald's burger and some french fries right before I went to bed... So I left the house without any breakfast! Shame on me! Even worse, I didn't take my camera to take a picture of what became my breakfast.

I had cheese and ham croissant with coffee from Roma Cafe on the Hill. I probably shoudn't have. It was tasty but thinking about all those calories makes me regret my decision. Well, it was really really tasty, so I think once in a while I shouldn't worry so much about all that calorie nonsense.

So, I don't have a picture of today's breakfast, but I can't finish this post without posting this about 3 month old picture of wonderful "eggs in a nest" breakfast.

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