Sunday, February 8, 2009

Laudisio brunch

I can't believe that I haven't updated this blog for a week... It's been more than a week since we went to eat brunch at Laudisio, Italian restaurant.

I've been there before twice for dinner, and the food was really good. So, I thought that I would be equally happy with their brunch. I guess first upset came from half empty restaurant. I just don't feel comfortable there. But it's ok. I understand, not everyone likes brunch.

Then we were served bread, oh! that was delicious! and some bloody Marys. Those were not so good. I think they use store bought mix... they were spicy, but I think tabasco spicy... not that great.

I ordered duck confit with potato cakes and fried egg... I think I though there would be some meat and some potatoes and egg.. but actually duck was mixed in cakes (I guess) which were not hot at all... the egg was good thought :))))

Jacko ordered fritatta, which quite frankly doesn't look like fritatta to me :) But she said it tasted good!

And Dan had some bacon sandwich with fried egg, which I think was ok as well.

So, not so bad overall, but I thought my first brunch experience would be much better...

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